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Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Honestly, Brandon - if I didn't have family in MI, I'd be tempted to say let Detroit ROT. There isn't much at all worth saving/keeping as far as I can tell.
10/03/07 @ 10:44
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

The chances of Detroit becoming a gambling and golf destination are between slim and none

I am reasonably familiar with the Detroit area and its traffic. There is absolutely no way that any of the golf courses you mentioned could be reached from the area of the casinos in "twenty minutes or so." More like 45 minutes to an hour or more.

Check out the room tariff at the Detroit MGM.
$300 to $500 per night exclusive of tax.

Those two things coupled with the weather concerns are insurmountable. Comparing Detroit to the Biloxi area is like comparing a broken down draft horse to Secretariat.

Room rates and green fees on the MS Gulf course are less than half of those demanded in Detroit.

Detroit will be a gamblig and golf mecca when Cleveland, Erie and Buffalo become the Lake Erie riviera.
10/04/07 @ 11:43
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
The traffic isn't as bad in Detroit as Chicago, DC, New York, LA, plenty more.

I can get from Ann Arbor to the Windsor tunnel from I-94 in 45 minutes - not during rush hour, obviously. The courses I listed are far closer than Ann Arbor.

Those room rates seem pretty high...they should go down once the initial "buzz" lowers.

10/04/07 @ 11:52
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

According to mapquest, your time of 45 minutes from Ann Arbor to downtown Detroit was right on the money, 45 minutes. The times for the golf courses you mentioned were mostly in the range of 40 to 60 minutes, the only ones being below 40 were Oakland Hills(30), Northville(33), Rochester Hills(33), and Auburn Hills(36).

My point is that besides the area around the casinos being less than desirable, the courses are simply to far from the casinos.

Before Hurricane Katrina, I made three golfing and gaming trips to the Mississippi Coast.

Our hotels were at most ten minutes from the golf, and the gambling was more relaxed and infinitely better than that in Detroit.

And the weather. the sea, the palm trees and live oaks---well. it's simply no comparison.
10/05/07 @ 09:40
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Nice work busting out MapQuest!

I think the TPC Dearborn is pretty close if I'm not mistaken, I know Oakland Hills is a long-shot.

I just got back from Biloxi myself, definitely more laid-back. I never worried about getting punched in the face at a gaming table there.
10/05/07 @ 13:01

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