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Women's British Open host the Old Course at St. Andrews will be friendly to Ochoa - but it isn't for regular lady duffers

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It's a groundbreaking week for pro women's golf. The Women's British Open is being hosted on the Old Course at St. Andrews for the first time in history. Shortly after the U.S. Women's Open earlier this summer, I predicted a breakthrough major victor… more »

Winless cutie no more: Natalie Gulbis wins Evian Masters

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LPGA bombshell Natalie Gulbis won't have to hear the "Yeah she's cute, but she's not a winner" comments anymore. Gulbis beat Jeong Jang in a one-hole playoff to ice her first win at the Evian Masters Sunday. Not only did the 24-year-old Gulbis win, i… more »

I've got a surefire golf invention idea, who wants to make millions with me?

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I am looking for a prospective partner to help design and market a new golf invention that will revolutionize the way we all practice. Here's my pitch: So I'm at the range yesterday, bangin' balls, and I realize I've reached the bottom of my buck… more »

Finally, Hollywood gets golf right with Who's Your Caddy?

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Has anyone seen trailers for Who's Your Caddy yet? I don't know about you, but I can't wait to go. Finally, an urban Caddyshack for the IPod generation. From the looks of the preview, it seems like it uses the fresh premise of: Black guy for some rea… more »

Belly Putter Mania is finally over as Sergio Garcia limps home in British Open at Carnoustie

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Did you make sure to check the refund policy when you ran out and bought a "belly putter" this weekend after watching it perform miracles on Sergio Garcia's maligned putting game at the British Open this week at Carnoustie? Of course, the belly putte… more »

British Open courses like Carnoustie are still cheaper than most American major championship venues and much more accessible

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We here at have been whining plenty recently about the American Dollar's weakness in Europe and the British Isles. But honestly, this currency ineptitude is hurting my self esteem a little. I haven't been to my old stomping ground Canad… more »

Teenagers are too busy earning their PGA and LPGA Tour cards to have sex, new study finds

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Just when you thought kids were growing up too fast...a new study on MSNBC is reporting fewer teenagers are having sex these days compared to 2005. Surprised? Not me. How could teenagers possibly have the time for sex when the majority of them are ch… more »

Scottish Open host Loch Lomond Golf Club now has competition in stunning new Carrick course

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This week's Scottish Open host Loch Lomond Golf Club is revered as arguably the top parkland course in all of Europe. As of this spring however, it has company right down the street. Sharing the beautiful loch waters and Ben Lomond mountain backdrop… more »

Are all Hawaiian teenagers as crazy as Michelle Wie and Tadd Fujikawa?

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I've never been to Hawaii, but I've come to the conclusion there is something in the dewy-sweet air, or maybe the lush, volcanic vegetation that drives its native teenagers completely insane. How else you could explain my MySpace friend Tadd Fujikawa… more »

US Dollar has never been weaker against the Euro, but Americans can still find value in northwest Ireland golf

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Today I was watching one of those cable TV business channels and all these whacked out, hyperactive balding guys were reporting that the U.S. Dollar had dropped to new lows against the Euro. Again. We're talking about $1.37 to one measley Euro. Kind… more »

Want to watch live golf? Start with the LPGA galleries over the PGA Tour

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I've never been to a pro golf tournament I wasn't assigned to cover. The reason is simple: if my Saturday activity is going to certainly result in a nasty farmer's tan, I'm golfing myself. Maybe afterwards I'll catch the back nine action on TV with s… more »

Conservative, elitist squares Dave Berner and T.R. Massey launch vicious attack against the common golfer on podcast

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The This Week podcast is one of the web's most professionally produced. But sometimes even the good shows phone it in for a segment or two. Such was the case on this week's This Week. Host Dave Berner and guest blogg… more »

Ochoa wasn't disappointed with U.S. Women's Open finish - especially after close call lightning strike

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SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. -- Someone in the radar department may have dropped the ball at Pine Needles Saturday - and No. 1 in the World Lorena Ochoa was almost cooked by lightning. Play was expected to be delayed most of the day Saturday due to thunderst… more »

Cristie Kerr wins U.S. Women's Open

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SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. - Many thought the winner of this week's U.S. Women's Open would be a someone who'd proven herself on the LPGA Tour, but had yet to win a major. It happened, but she just wasn't the player everyone expected. American Cristie Ke… more »

Se Ri Pak low South Korean in the clubhouse - sticks it to the youngsters

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SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. -- 35 South Koreans in the field, and the one who inspired them all is the leader in the clubhouse on Sunday. Se Ri Pak fired back-to-back 68s to finish currently in 3rd. The new generation will have to wait, as veterans Kerr and… more »