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Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
Granted BTuck, Stern made one of the stupidest and most blatantly unfair rulings in sports history in this case. He’s potentially ruining one of the best playoff series in years. And if the Spurs sneak into the NBA Finals because of this, he deserves the lowest ratings in the history of the sport.

But still … comparing him to Finchem? That’s almost putting him on a Gary Bettman level. And everyone knows the NHL commish can barely tie his own shoes.

At least you didn’t brand Stern a Carolyn Bivens. That shows some restraint.

On a side note BTuck, it’s good to see that you’ve finally talked your parents into letting you stay up late to catch these West Coast NBA games.
05/16/07 @ 03:25
Comment from: totoks [Visitor] Email
You know, you’se guys remind me of the kid’s friends in high school who, after their budd(ies) get busted by the principal started complaining about the rules. Dudes! The time to lobby for rule changes is when they MAKE the rule.

We don’t live in a “hope” society – I hope NBA players will play “nice” - I hope Johnnie will mind me when I say “No” - if they (the NBA) ain’t gonna enforce the rules, then what the heck is the purpose of the rule.

Sorry Btuck – after raising four kids (and, yes, that’s what a lot of these players are), democracy does not work – Stern (or whomever) did the right (or correct) thing. Fair? Hey, dudes, fair is a place where you take your pig. Deal with it and go on.

Chris! Dang, dude. I thought golf was a gentleman’s game. What this obsession with the ladies Bivens? Show some class, man!
05/16/07 @ 08:47
Comment from: Golf Goddess [Visitor] Email
C-Bald -- The excellence of BTuck's writing demonstrates the value of sleep over watching inferior West Coast b'ball.
05/22/07 @ 17:22
Comment from: Irish Eyes [Visitor] Email
Hey C-Bald -- Did ya ever think that BTuck watched SO much basketball excellence with the Pistons that watching west coast NBA games like Shawn Kemp battling "Thunder Dan" actually put him to sleep.....no parental guidance needed?
05/22/07 @ 17:44
Comment from: mens tr jeans [Visitor]
United we stand,divided we fall.here there is smoke there's fire.
12/25/10 @ 12:46

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