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Sports fans are victims thanks to Stubhub and legalized ticket scalping

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"Scalping", often defined as reselling tickets for higher than face value, is illegal in many parts of America. It's illegal much like "happy endings" at 24-hour massage parlors. So long as its done discreetly, you shouldn't have to worry about being loc… more »

PGA Show caters to women, just not on the driving range

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My fellow colleague Tim McDonald is right: if you're trying to pick up girls by banging away $500 mega-drivers on the indoor testing facility at the PGA Merchandise Show, you're playing to an empty house. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, even… more »

Fitting your putter may be more important than your driver

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Drivers are big, sexy and expensive. We are lured to them like bats to darkness. Long lines of blinded souls abound at the PGA Merchandise Show as they eagerly wait for a tee, where they will be fitted with the driver that will give themselves a perfect… more »

MP3 Training: An intriguing , modern and free driving range tool

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If you are like me, you like banging balls on the range. Just call me a monkey. The problem, is while we feel like we're putting in the time and effort, we've actually become mindless robots as we bash 20 7-irons in a row, then dedicate an entire small b… more »

"Pimp it like you mean it": standing out at PGA show isn't easy

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As a first-time attendee to the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, I would have to describe the massive show room floor as "Organized Chaos". Less pushy than main streets in the Caribbean islands but more bustling than a morning on the Vegas Strip. It can… more »

Video Blog: Sights and sounds of PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day

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Click here to watch. Video Blog: Demo Day at the PGA Merchandise Show. Couldn't make it to Orange County National's Demo Day? Here's a little of what you missed: more »

Tiger Woods: genetically engineered by Nike or second coming of Jesus?

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It's impossible not to run into Nike gear at the PGA Merchandise Show this week. Not only do they have an extensive equipment pavilion, they also have one of the largest apparel displays. Not only that, they have separate space dedicated entirely to thei… more »

PGA Merchandise Show's red carpet: fashion & apparel winners and losers

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I'm not the biggest of golf equipment gurus. That isn't to say however I'm not out for clothing that will make me look stylish no matter how my swing parts clash. I'll let fellow bloggers Tim McDonald and Chris Baldwin scour the floor for the biggest… more »

A Twenty-something's reasoning for why our young American golfers are stinking it up

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When a teenager's 20th place finish is the only thing to get excited about regarding U.S. golfers under 30, you have a colossal problem. As the only writer on this blog board in tune with the pulse of young golf in America and most likely the only o… more »

Congress busy passing bills on Florida Gators and sports, that's where our taxes are going

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I'm all for a little fun at the office. Heck, I'm always first in line at our annual Krispy Kreme Day around the WorldGolf HQ, and the boss-man is starting to get a little annoyed with my zest to catch him with a Whoopie Cushion (never gets old, by the w… more »

The golf world is not ready for Phil Mickelson and left-handed course design

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I wasn't entirely cool with Tiger jumping into golf design, and I'm flat-out AGAINST Phil following suit with his new design ventures, albeit for completely different reasons. With Tiger, my beef was basically that he's a sell-out who will do nothing… more »

XM Radio on AirTran: little things can be all the difference in travel

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It doesn't make much sense to me why so many airlines today are cutting the little things like pillows and snacks out of most domestic flights. My consultant buddy who travels from Detroit to San Francisco every week tells me NWA offers him no meal on a… more »