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NBA's Allen Iverson is a greater role model than Tiger Woods

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The city of Denver got their shiny new Christmas present early: Allen Iverson, the much-maligned Philly point guard who was finally traded after a decade of turbulence with the 76ers and nearly two weeks of exile. Iverson is one of those sports figur… more »

Despite new airport security measures, Bic lighter makes it through four security check points

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Last week I flew back to America after being stationed in Europe six months (tear). It was a lovely time, which was soon forgotten once I found myself hauling four overstuffed bags through what seemed like countless airports, each bigger than the next.… more »

Golf putting simulator at ESPN Zone in Chicago is a waste of points

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I haven't golfed since an early November trip to sunny Portugal, so my itch is spreading a bit. Imagine my glee when at the ESPN Zone just off Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago boasted a putting simulator amongst its plethora of sports video games and si… more »

NASCAR's Johnson hurt due to shenanigans on a golf cart

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Who says golf isn't a contact sport, especially when you're riding around on the roof of your golf cart at a charity tourney? Nextel Cup winner Jimmie Johnson has learned the hard way that shenanigans on the golf cart should be left with teenagers an… more »

Scotland golf course rankings: Me vs. the Big Magazines spark debate

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Golf course rankings: subjective, arbitrary, incomplete and AWESOME! Who doesn't like looking at rankings, especially right before or after a big golf trip where you played a bunch of nominees of the world's best? I recently posted my Official Scotla… more »

Two new Michigan golf courses make Golf Digest's Top 10 under $75

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I never thought of Michigan as a cheap golf destination growing up there. It wasn't until I saw gaudy prices in Florida, Scotland and Las Vegas that I realized I was blessed to be in the backyard of some fantastic courses at a great value. Golf Diges… more »

The latest terrorist threat to airline travel is passing gas, seriously

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The latest terrorist threat to airline travel is flatulence. And no, I'm not making this up. A woman caused a flight to be diverted to Nashville after she lit a match after she passed gas while in the high skies. Terrorist paranoia has gotten so out… more »

Golf blogger reveals truth about age and much, much more

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We live in a superficial world full of fashion statements and preconceptions based on looks. This is especially true in the world of golf blogging. So when asked me to submit a bio pic for my blog, I was unsettled. As a result of my m… more »

A real sugardaddy buys golf lessons, not equipment, for his loved ones this holiday season

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Sure, a shiny new driver fits under a tree better than stuffing some 40-year old pro in a stocking, but if you really care about your loved ones, you'll get them golf lessons, not new equipment this holiday season. Getting someone a new club is a tem… more »