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Comment from: Thestorm [Visitor] Email
Yeah!! and golf is SOOO exciting to watch!!! p-p-please. You want golf on TV instead of the Lions? Just remember to make the cofee extra strong, or everybody is going to fall asleep before desert!!!
11/23/06 @ 09:00
Comment from: mike [Visitor] Email
It's not that women aren't allowed at Augusta, its that they aren't allowed to be members. What is so wrong with that? They are private, and that is the way they choose to run their business.
11/24/06 @ 10:10
Comment from: Karma huh? [Visitor] Email
So I believe Oklahoma just won the Big XII south and are going to the championship. If they win against Nebraska they go to the Fiesta Bowl. How is that for karma numbnuts? And I'm sure you've kept up with all that is in the news about the Oregon debacle. Sooners have left it alone and the media is still talking about it, not us. I hope Karma bites you in your ass and tears your rotator cuff on your next swing.

Oklahoma is here to stay at the top Tucker...but nice trying to badmouth them.
11/26/06 @ 15:20
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email
Karma huh?

You again? seriously? Do you have a life? that post was like over a month ago. You're unemployed I'm sure...

You clearly missed the entire point of my post, too. Boren is still a wanker. It shouldn't be up to the president to speak out on behalf of the AD, and when death threats are summoned upon people, he did nothing about it. Still classless, just like you.

Seriously, you have no life outside of OU football and you should reconsider your priorities in life.

11/26/06 @ 18:35
Comment from: Karma huh? [Visitor] Email
No I have a life. But I enjoy making fun of idiots like you. Kind of a favorite past time. To make fun of people who should be in the Darwin Awards. I just remember a very distasteful article about you saying AD got what he deserved b/c of OU's "bad karma" and that OU would continue to spiral downwards and you would look forward to watching it unravel. Nice prediction.

Oh and you have got to be the worst 'writer' if that's what you want to call yourself I have ever witnessed. First you say it is not Boren's place to speak on behalf of AD and then say he never did anything when death threats were sent. WTF? First he never spoke of AD in anything and second if it's not his place to speak on behalf of him why is it his place to speak on behalf of an insane fan who he has no idea it is or has no control over.

And if I'm classless for saying I hope you tear your rotator cuff then you are just the same my friend. Pot calling the kettle black.
11/29/06 @ 11:40

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