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Comment from: M. C. Roseto [Visitor] Email
Attn : Brandon Tucker
From: Michael C. Roseto/ Luxury Golf LInk


I've been enjoying your varied articles golf overseas. Your recent article on St. Andrews was particularly good. You are a great addition to travelgolf. All the writers before you were in the habit of "blasting" certain courses or properties with the indication that they were not treated with a lot of "freebies". They certainly were not being objective in their subject reviews.

You showed a lot of apporeciation for ST. Andrews and that made it a good article.

50 years ago (1957) when I started Wide World of Golf and immediately took my first group of golfers to St. Andrews, the Old Course Hotels was but an open piece of land that h oused
the train (BTH) station masters house just off the 18th tee (it still stands as the Old Course Pub), and the old shed were torn down when they started the hotel (1964-5). AS you noted, the form of the RR STation is still brought to memory in the shape of the place with the fense still standing. In earlier years you had to play the shot over the "sheds" to get to the 17th FAirway.

In 1965 BTH (British Transport Hotel Co) decided to built the Old Course HOtel. What is now the back of the hotel facing the course was then the drive in front. After Margaret Thachter (PM) started the privatization program, the hotel was sold to Mr. Sherman (he originally owned the Ferry SErvice between Britain and France, as well as Ireland.

Sheridan renovated the hotel and subsequently sold it to a group including some Japanese investors, thinking they would have automatic rights to assign tee times for the OC StA.
(Note: this is the same case as existed when the Japanese bought Pebble Beach).

at this time, the Old Course Ltd (made up of the interest from the R&ACC took part of the h otel and prepared it for the forthcoming Opens(I think the first one in 1970) This all continued until the Kohler familyi from Ws coming off of their huge success in turning their state into a golf Capital, bought the place and added some important features.

Through all of this, the Fence on the North end and the Pub on the south end remain as our reminder of golf at St. Andrews of OLD.

Keep up the good writting. I continue to wait for additions to your archives.

Yes, St. Andrews is special and one must make the most of it during their visit.

Michael C. Roseto
Luxury Golf Link
email: mcrgolf@mindspring.com

After living in Carmel/Pebble Beach for 45 years, it was time to return to my golf-roots in Pennsylvania.
11/15/06 @ 22:49
Comment from: Mark Nessmith, executive editor [Visitor]
Mr. Roseto: I agree with you that Brandon has been a valuable addition to our team of writers. I am rather bothered, however, by your assertion that "all the writers" before Brandon "were in the habit of 'blasting' certain courses or properties with the indication that they were not treated with a lot of 'freebies'." Bothered is probably not a strong enough word but I'm feeling quite civil this fine morning. At any rate, I would ask you to provide even a single example of this posted by one of our writers under my watch (in fact, I'd be curious to see ANY example of this). You can contact me directly here:

11/16/06 @ 07:47
Comment from: Michael C. Roseto 12 Jan 07 [Visitor] Email
My intention was to compliment you on the addition of Brandon Tucker
to your staff. He is a cut above the others and I feel the articles are
objective and well written. If I used "all the writers", that was a stretch and
for that I'm sorry. Please read Tom Doak's articles on Melbourne, Aust. courses
in the recent edition of Links Magazine. A Super Issue, when read makes
one want to catch the next plane to "Down-Under".

Again, thanks for the reply. I do think you have made a lot of wonderful
improvement to the e-newsletter.

01/12/07 @ 23:23

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