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You shouldn't fuss too much about what the Scots say. Whingers to a man, it's in the blood (I should know!). One day North Sea oil is going to run out and Aberdonians will be begging for anything they can lay their hands on to bring in tourist bucks.
11/10/06 @ 18:39
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
"Trump's people" took you there, huh? Talk to "non-Trump-people" Scots and see what they have to say. All the ones I talked to hated the idea.
11/11/06 @ 08:26
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email

I got the opinions of probably 50 Scots while I was there. You're right, most Scots don't fancy the idea, but it's because of Trump's name, not what he's building. They don't seem to have as much animosity towards the other ritzy newbies in the country, which are really doing the same thing.

11/11/06 @ 09:33
Comment from: irish eyes [Visitor] Email
Did Trump's "people" say anything about the 20, 30, or 40 floor glass and steel monstousity that Trump will call the Aberdeen Hotel and Resort (naturally the biggest and greatest in the world) that will block out all that gorgeous scenery? Probably not; but it's coming.
11/14/06 @ 17:12
Comment from: Harry Cooksley [Visitor] Email
The North East of Scotland has great potential as a tourist destination. Many locals would like to keep this a secret, but the truth will out.

Donald Trump has the vision to see the great potential for a top class golf resort in this beautiful part of the world.

Many Brits do not welcome any form of Americanisation, but there is no doubt that we can learn a thing or two from our friends across the pond when it comes to good customer service.

I welcome the proposed resort, which will not only boost tourism in this largely forgotten part of Scotland, but also boost jobs and help to raise standards.

Aberdeen is very dependent on the oil and gas industry, but this is susceptiple to world markets and UK taxation. The natural assets of this part of Scotland are not subject to such fluctuations and we should encourage all efforts to improve our attraction to visitors from all parts of the globe.
04/08/07 @ 10:58
Comment from: Richard Taylor [Visitor] Email
"Aberdeen is too grey/dismal/boring/dependent on oil/ etc etc etc"

Aberdeen has been very lucky of course to have oil, but then again SOME CITY SOMEWHERE would have benefitted from its discovery, Aberdeen was the perfect location with adequate facilities that could be developed) - I believe Dundee was considered initially.

As for it being cold, grey etc, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. Of course we get our fair share of bad weather, but in fact we get MORE than our fair share of beautiful weather (this last week for example, as I write). And YES it can also be VERY warm - witness most days in July last year being in the 20s & one day touching 30 degrees C. Nae bad, I'm sure you would agree.

Aberdeen ain't perfect, but it is a damned sight better than others would have you believe - why does it constistently win awards for its parks & gardens for example?

As for Trump, let him build his development, I agree it would be great for the area.

Yes oil in the N.Sea may be depleting, but there is still though to be as much still to get out of the basin (some suggest 30-40 years' worth) as has been discovered up till now, albeit more difficult to get at. BUT what has also evolved is Aberdeen becoming a world HUB for GLOBAL energy developments elsewhere in the world, perhaps THAT wasn't envisaged in the 70s when first oil came ashore from Forties. An increasing number of projects in the likes of Nigeria for example are driven out of Aberdeen.
04/09/07 @ 06:03
Comment from: Kevin Simpson [Visitor] Email
Yes, I can agree that this is a beautiful part of
Scotland, just down the road from two of the largest
rubbish dumps in the North East (the glow from the
methane burn off is beautiful) and the sound from
nearby industrial estate is lovely, with the sweet
tinkle of drilling pipes that will lul you to sleep
every night that you are in this Super Hotel.

As for the scenery, well you have plenty of time to enjoy it
as you sit in the morning, afternoon and evening
rush hour traffic.

All I can say is, if you can look at this as an adventure
then, good luck
04/21/07 @ 06:53
Comment from: diane walker [Visitor] Email
I think that it is a great idea and any investment is a good investment. Golf brings money into any area and also allows areas to keep a bit of greenary instead of building houses everywhere.

It would be nice if there were more golf courses built into large towns instead of having to travel for miles for a decent game of golf
08/14/07 @ 09:14
Comment from: Dennis [Visitor] Email
Ahh north sea oil,it will go the way of other traditional, here to stay industries in the north east of scotland,like ship building,(hall russel), fishing, textiles (richards mill,crombie mills)
the granite quarry at rubislaw.Not to mention the steady decline in farming, and other industries that once thrived in scotland ,coal, steel,car manufacture etc, etc. Lets stop girning and encourage tourism in the north east.
some day we will tearfully lament the north sea tiger, along with the shoals o herring, and the weavers shuttle
10/05/07 @ 12:39
Comment from: Gerard McGuigan [Visitor] Email
Acording to all the protesters I have seen and heard on T.V. they are all English settlers.
12/15/07 @ 15:11
Comment from: darth [Visitor] Email
comments that locals are'nt happy with this development are total nonsense, im a local taxi driver and probably get a wide variety of public opinion and id say 90% of people are delighted to have trump invest in our area
03/13/09 @ 17:18
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