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Lisbon's Golf Coast in Portugal honored "Best European golf destination" by industry peers

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The pros in the European golf travel industry have spoken, and this year the best spot for golf in Europe is Portugal's other golf destination. The International Association for Golf Tour Operators, 1000 members strong, voted and awarded the prize to… more »

Michelle Wie and Britney Spears prove America loves a good train wreck

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A lot of grouchy writers are giving Michelle Wie a hard time right now because she's exploiting her good looks (c'mon, a short, chubby teen wouldn't be getting exemptions) and above average golf game in order to make money playing golf against men instea… more »

Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving proves tradition isn't always a good thing in sports and golf

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Thanks to the fact enough of us sketchy Expats live in Prague, Thanksgiving will be alive and well. Several restaurants and pubs serving traditional (we'll see about that) turkey dinners will also be showing NFL football on their TVs. And guess what's… more »

Padraig Harrington defeats Tiger Woods: symbolizes changing of the guard in golf

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Even though the U.S.'s showing has been about as strong as twelve strings of al dente linguini in the last three Ryder Cups, delusional Americans, myself included, have clung to a defense that the competition "meant more" to the Europeans than the Yanks.… more »

Bo Schembechler's influence transcended football in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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One of football's most anticipated match ups in years will be played with a heavy heart after former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler passed away in Detroit Friday afternoon. This is hitting a lot of people who grew up in Michigan, especially Ann Arbor… more »

Golf real estate intrudes on a would-be gem in Portugal at Praia D'el Rey

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Beautiful golf courses that fall victim to heavy surrounding real estate are nothing new in golf. Golf is a business, and if you can sell homes on fairways that will profit, so be it. That's why we call it "Capitalism" and not "Pretty-golf-course-ism… more »

18th at Oitavos in Portugal more difficult than Open venue Carnoustie's closer - has meltdown to back it up

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When I played Carnoustie a few weeks back, site of the 2007 Open Championship, scoring a seven on the 18th wasn't too hard. It makes you sympathize with Jean Van de Velde's meltdown (but it's still funny and Carnoustie seems to find great pleasure in cat… more »

Free TV on the internet thanks to TVU - ideal for travel

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I've learned two valuable tidbits of information over the past week while enjoying spirits with friends. One: if your French girlfriend or wife tells you she's taking off to Senegal for the weekend, be very suspicious. Two: You can get free TV on your co… more »

Siding with Donald Trump's new golf resort in Aberdeen, Scotland

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I never liked The Apprentice. Then again, office politics are about as relatable to me as keeping the materialistic ego of your supermodel girlfriend in check. It's easy to knock Donald Trump. In fact, I do it all the time. It's fun. I hold weekly "I… more »

Tiger Woods Golf Design sounds expensive

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Anyone ever see that Seinfeld where George buys a car because he thinks the former owner was Hollywood actor Jon Voight? Well in a few years, golfers will be shelling out big cash to play what they think are courses finely crafted by golf's Best Sell… more »

No time for elections when you have golf, dinner in Cascais, Lisbon Portugal

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So rumor has it in America the Democrats are triumphing and Donald Rumsfeld is the first conservative casualty. What would I know? I've been at dinner the past week, where in Portugal, it lasts about as long as a round of golf -- and is equally, if n… more »

Final thoughts (for now) on travels in Scotland and St. Andrews golf

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All good things must come to an end. Which is why I will be golfing again tomorrow. Man I suck these days. What ever happened to the baby fade I had in high school? But sadly I am home from Scotland. What an experience. Scots told me "sorry about… more »