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Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Member] Email
I'm truly shocked. Shocked. SHOCKED to my foundation that you'd think I'd object to this objectification of these women. Far from it. I'm in total agreement with your contention that "...if I'm forking down $25-$100 an hour ...these girls better be wearing what I saw in the ad." Although I enjoy the eye candy like any good red-blooded American golfer, I'm not convinced that Caddy Chicks has actually been set up to provide "educational" opportunities for female caddies nor do I ever expect them to provide "scholarships" to worthy caddies just trying to learn the game. My issue all along has been Truth in Advertising. How can an upstanding website like Worldgolf.com lower its standards to allow Caddy Chicks to be on the site. Perhaps the editors should consider becoming secret shoppers (I get offers in my e-mail for this all the time) and test out the caddy skills of these girls. Then we'd know for sure if their claims were truthful.
10/11/06 @ 10:14
Comment from: Caddydaddy [Visitor]
To respond to your blog, you first have to ask what a golf caddy does. I guess it depends upon who you are. If you are Tiger Woods, your caddy better know how to read greens and look at the leaves on the trees and figure out within 1 mph how fast the wind is blowing and from what direction. If you can't break 90 like the majority of golfers, none of that advice would do you any good. I want my caddy to rake the trap and pour me a beer. The dictionary describes a caddy as an assistant to a golfer. It doesn't say you have to be able to caddy for a tour player, just be an assistant. I figure it is up to each golfer to hire whom he wants to caddy for him. The caddy is his employee.

As the CEO of caddychicks.com, I would like your readers to understand what our intent is. We launched the website in April 2006 and have had a tremedous success. We are currently developing our online training for the caddies. We just finished progamming our site so that golf courses can add pictures of thier course, course information, specials at their course etc. You will have the ability to book tee times online very soon. Our developments plans are to make caddychcicks.com more of a golf site.

As for what the girls charge. The majority charge less than $20/hr. Some of the girls charge $150 per ROUND, not per hour. When we developed this, we figured let them charge what ever they want. From our bookings, we have had 1 girl get paid $350 for a round of golf. The rest are around $20/hour. The girls that put over $20.hr aren't getting booked. So the market is working.

To the comment on the scholorship, we are working on the caddychick of the year awards banquet and golf tournament. Details to follow, but we will be awarding the caddychcik of the year a scholarship.

Who made the rule that golf caddies for the masses have to be high school boys?

Stay tuned, as my web developers say, Rome wasn't built in a day. And to worldgolf.com. thanks guys.

10/18/06 @ 07:53
Comment from: Danny Romine [Visitor] Email
Hello im looking for a girl caddy to go golfing at general old golf course at 16700 village west drive riverside,Ca 92518 the day of 5-19 can you give me a call at 951-623-7359
05/13/07 @ 21:51
Comment from: Tony Urrea [Visitor] Email
If you're looking for some fun and very hot (they are all models) women to caddy for you consider checking out Royal Links and their Par Mates Caddies. Check it out at http://www.waltersgolf.com/female-caddy-in-las-vegas-at-royal-links.asp
11/14/08 @ 15:33
Comment from: ed [Visitor] Email
@Bruce Stash
I don't see yr problem with the girls of caddy chicks. You don't have to hire them, but don't decide for anybody else what they can or cannot do. If you have puritan beliefs, so be it, but don't force them on someone else.
10/20/09 @ 03:21

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