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Watching golfers on the Old Course from Rusacks Hotel in St. Andrews better than any TV

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I don't watch TV much these days. Maybe it's because I live in a foreign country and can't understand much Czech, or maybe its because I can simply pirate old South Park episodes to my computer, which is really all the entertainment I need at the moment… more »

Sundays at the Old Course in St. Andrews a cruel tease

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Any golfer knows one finite fact: guaranteed tee times on the Old Course in St. Andrews are a bit hard to come by. So imagine: you were entered in the ballot on Saturday and failed, only to walk by the course at 10 a.m. the following day and see the… more »

Scotland shows there isn't much "open" about exclusive U.S. Open golf venues

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Okay, you got me. I've been in Scotland for two weeks, Europe for four months, and I've somewhat converted to how they handle golf, from walking to the accessibility of their famous courses. Every single British Open venue in Scotland, from Carnousti… more »

You won't find championship tees at golf courses in Scotland

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Even the worst of duffers get the urge to play the championship tees from time to time. Sometimes it's because you're lucky enough to play a course the pros play on TV, and you want to see just how far off you are from competing in the Open Championship… more »

Royal Dornoch edges out Turnberry in my Scotland "Best Of" golf courses

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They say good things come to those who wait. In the case of Royal Dornoch, located in the Highlands of Scotland, good things come to those who drive. When is the last time you were truly sad to finish a round of golf, and was it 50 degrees, windy… more »

The Carrick in Loch Lomond will add to Scotland's world class golf offerings

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So you thought Scotland has so many world class courses built from the beginning of the century or older, it doesn't need any more? Wrong. The Cameron House Hotel, a stunning five star resort on the shores of Loch Lomond north of Glasgow is getti… more »

My first blind date with Old Tom Morris at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland

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Today I stand before you a changed man. Three days after my arrival in the UK, I proudly admit I can drive on the left side of the road and roundabouts are cake (but I didn't say I agree with them...). However, I still never fail to walk to my car and st… more »

Learning "roundabouts", loving Turnberry and a shot at the Ailsa course record

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Before my trip to Scotland, I spent a lot of time sorting through glossy Scotland tourism mags and scanning websites of St. Andrews, Turnberry, Prestwick and other famous gems. Nowhere was I warned about the country's dirty little secret: The Roundab… more »

Third world babies are the trendy new accessory - thanks to Madonna, Jolie

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The tabloid-obsessed UK is all over the new Madonna adoption of an African one-year old, who apparently has checked into the celeb's London estate. This story is everywhere in Scotland, even more than Bill Murray's party-crashing in St. Andrews. Paparazz… more »

Golf writer tries haggis upon arrival in Scotland, declares: "not bad!"

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There is nothing like the first 24 hours in a new country. As someone who has done it quite frequently of late, it still never gets old. I love the confusion, the discovery, the humiliation, excitement, etc. A few notables during my first day in Edin… more »

It's mid-October, the perfect time for a golf trip to Scotland

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Ahhh, the day is finally here. In a few hours, I'm off to Scotland for the mother of all golf trips. 15 days, 15 or more courses, and many, many pints and whiskey with friendly Scotsmen. College football, hockey, even the World Series can take a back… more »

Detroit is America's Best Sports Town - thanks to Tigers, golf and more

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The Detroit Tigers are on top of the sports world after dismantling the New York Yankeees last week. And as we await their inevitable entry into the 2006 World Series, now is the perfect time to proclaim Detroit as America's Best Sports Town. It isn'… more »

Sexy Caddy Chicks and are only guilty of false advertising

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So I'm not the only one who notices a few scantly clad, easy-on-the-eyes women near the top right corner of First, Bruce "The Guru" Stasch is going after these girls, all while putting his manliness up for auction. Then a disgusted… more »

Faldo passes on Champions Tour, Love and Ochoa win, Owens beaten to death by media - weekend in review

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Anyone else notice the NHL regular season kicked off this weekend? Tumbleweed blows quiet you can hear David Allen Coe on the jukebox...grizzled drunk at the bar tells me to, "knock off that jive!"..."We don't serve Molson here, I'm sorry," n… more »

Curse of Johnny Damon - not A-Rod - has Yankees doomed for a long time, much like Ryder Cup

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Much to the dismay of the New York media and fans, A-Rod, the popular scapegoat in the Big Apple, didn't lose the series for the Yankees vs. the Detroit Tigers. He could have put up Derek Jeter-like numbers and the Yankees still go home early, the games… more »