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Comment from: Chris Baldwin [Member] Email
BTuck, BTuck. The difference between you doing it and some guy with a MySpace or Facebook account is that you're a professional writer. You can make it entertaining as I'm sure you would.

Ever hear of Gonzo Journalism? Some of the best reporting out there is first-person experiences. Especially in travel writing.

Ever hear of Hunter S. Thompson?

OK, hopefully not on the later. Point is Gonzo journalism can be great or it can be utterly tepid. I'm betting you'd put out good product.

So put up the damn photos already of the hot Polish blondes and regal us with your stories. You are writing a travel "blog". Not thesis.

Don't make me go to the Castle Baron boss for a ruling.

You won't like it. Washing his limo on the weekends only gets you so far. You really shouldn't have let it that you really do have photos by the way.

Now even Jim Leyland wants to see them.

09/07/06 @ 03:35
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email

I know you're dying to jump ship as soon as the Teen People editorial staff responds to your numerous employment inquiries, but you're gonna have to save the gossip and schoolboy banter for your "reports" on all the reality TV stars.

I know you're curious, but you'll just have to eventually pencil in an appearance at our next TG eastern Europe summit to see for yourself.
09/07/06 @ 04:29
Comment from: Hoyt Decker [Visitor]
Mr. Tucker,

The photo you choose to post (indeed the entire tone of your blog) is offensive! Worse even than the exploitive photographs SUPPOSEDLY of female caddies that those pigs a WorldGolf.com publish! Take this trash down immediately and write something nice and decent.
09/07/06 @ 05:09
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email

Take this post down and give Baldwin the "W"? Never. Some things are more important than good taste and journalistic credibility.
09/10/06 @ 03:14
Comment from: Billy [Visitor]
Keep up the interesting posts, Brandon. I think you've hit a goldmine in the blogosphere debate with your Tiger Woods post a week back. It appears from the large number of posts last week that he remains a highly scrutinized public figure, albeit still a fairly non-controversial person who just wins and grins. But what about the situation with his wife?

I think you should come up with a list of some of today's up and coming PGA bachelors, and ask these European woman you've been hanging out with who they think is the hottest, and if any of them would date a PGA golfer. That would give you an opportunity to post pics while keeping Tiger in the spotlight.
09/11/06 @ 05:19
Comment from: Rick [Visitor] Email
As some people say, Polish women are sexy.) Most of them, actually ;). Some of them can play golf too..
06/24/07 @ 00:38

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