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Forget Ryder Cup and Grand Slam of Golf. It's time for Olympic Golf. Then Tiger Woods will be interested and Michelle Wie could actually play

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Tiger Woods had an interesting set of quotes today about his 3-2 Ryder Cup record at the American Express Championship. He rated his performance as "pretty darn good" and "I did the best I could". He also said he played well enough to place in the Top 15… more »

Americans lack Ryder Cup, basketball and Olympic dominance, but there are other "strengths"

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It's quite fashionable to bash the current ineptitude of U.S. athletics in global competition. The Ryder Cup team was flat, the U.S. basketball team was upset by Greece before reaching the finals of the World Championships last month, and we're not even… more »

U.S. needs to mouth off a little, let fans vote on Ryder Cup singles matches and change the format

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I came to a few conclusions after watching the Ryder Cup this weekend and the subsequent fallout after Europe's dominating 18.5-9.5 victory. Americans must engage in pyschological warfare: Since when did America, home of unilaterally invading countri… more »

Woods streak over? Michigan wins, ESPN needs an editor - Sports Weekend in Review

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I discovered something this weekend between all the leaderboards, box scores and gamecasts. It's that Abba's "Gimme Gimme Gimme" video is hypnotically uncomfortable to watch. Also, the "don't do drugs" speech I give to my kids also just got a lot easier… more »

Best fall season specials and golf courses in Gaylord, Traverse City and rest of northern Michigan

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Fall golf is here in Michigan, a lovely time to take in the autumn colors and course discounts. The weather starts getting a little spotty, yes, but most courses are offering discounts of 25-45% starting mid-to-late September. Here's some of the season's… more »'s lame-O geezers give fashion advice and 9/11 conspirators tee off. Now I've read everything.

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Recent outrageous opinions by writers and readers on have been a very amusing read. First, the 9/11 conspirators have come out in droves on Chris Baldwin's recent blog, citing "proof" the Bush Administration not only knew the attacks o… more »

NHL Goalie DiPietro signs 15-year deal, I'm glad golf doesn't have contracts

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Rick Dipietro, goaltender of the New York Islanders signed a 15-year deal this week worth nearly $70 million - all guaranteed. Only Magic Johnson's 25-year deal with the Lakers is believed to be longer in all of sports. Ever. It's hard to believe the guy… more »

Tiger, Federer & Sharapova at U.S. Open, football, baseball and golf weekend in review

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Did anyone get anything productive done this weekend? Besides taking down your previous record of buffalo wings and Miller Lite consumed in a 48-hour span? The NFL season opened, college football had a #1 vs. #2 matchup, Tennis' U.S. Open was filled… more »

Proof money can't buy brains

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2002 -- Reporters: "So Ma'am, you've just won the lottery! What are you going to do with all the money?" Valerie Wilson: "I can't believe it, I'm going to spend all the money on...lottery tickets!" If Michelle Wie keeps taking weekends off, s… more »

"Googling" your name can be competitive, boost self esteem

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I cannot stress to you enough the importance of "googling" your name every so often. It's the only way you can really know how you're perceived by the Google gods in this digital world. And the best part is finding out what all the other knuckleheads… more »

We know Michelle Wie will miss the cut at Omega Masters, we just don't know how...

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So what did you do while Michelle Wie was out of the news? It seemed like an eternity, didn't it? (I was getting sick of writing about success stories the whole time) But in the interim I was able to read from A-Z, find six stray puppie… more »

The truth about Polish women -- classy, Baldwin

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I'm confused. First I get reemed by our conservative readers (calling me a Democrat was below the belt, by the way. Anyone who reads me regularly knows I'm Socialist) for trying to spice up the mundane Tiger Woods conversation by questioning the legi… more »

Tiger Woods and other video games will soon bless gamers with advertising

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My elders tell me that when cable television debuted, the reason TV suddenly wasn't free anymore is because there weren't advertisements on them. Today, cable TV usually has more than networks. Tiny Jim down at the corner barbershop tells me MTV had… more »

Cell phone allowance on planes one more reason not to fly RyanAir in Europe

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Europe's cheapest and possibly worst airline is now on the verge of becoming the most annoying as well. RyanAir, the discount air carrier that flies passengers all over the continent and drops them off at airports in the middle of nowhere will begin… more »