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If an NFL punter is taking steroids, surely someone on the PGA Tour has

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The ongoing steroid witch hunt has taking another step towards proving just about everyone is cheating these days. Tiger Woods wants steroid testing while Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem says its not necessary. I think Woods may be more right... The Car… more »

Krakow Valley in Poland has high-caliber post-golf activity

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So what's your ideal post-round hangout? A few beers at Buffalo Wild Wings or a BBQ on your buddy's patio? Watching SportsCenter or playing some Golden Tee? I still haven't found an "All-you-can-eat" joint in Europe yet (God bless America and their e… more »

Krakow Valley, Poland, hope to build a golf tradition in Europe

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Golf is a game that rests heavily on tradition. Imagine looking back 20 years on the game and seeing...nothing. Such is golf in Poland, a country of 38 million but just 2,500 registered golfers. That's like saying L.A., Chicago, New York and some cha… more »

The FedEx Cup will never be a classic - stick to the PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and majors

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Here is the one and only reason why the FedEx Cup series and year-end tournament will never be that big of a deal - even if Tiger Woods flies in from one of his private hideaways in the Pacific every once in awhile to compete: It's called the FedEx C… more »

Great win in U.S. Women's Amateur Kimberly Kim! Let's talk business, Wie is way ahead of you. . .

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Congratulations Kimberly Kim, on your fantastic U.S. Women's Amateur Championship! The bad news...Michelle Wie beat you to a lot of the good sponsors - which you sorta deserve for staying amateur this long - but the good news is that exploiting t… more »

Mascot in golf cart takes out NFL QB, is Tiger Woods next?

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At the beginning of the 2nd half in last night's New Orleans Saints/Tennessee Titans game, "T-Rac", the Titan's mascot, ran over Saints QB Adrian McPherson with a golf cart and knocked him out of the game. It was also the first game for Heisman winne… more »

New airplane security travel rules: no toothpaste or hair gel, rabid puppies still okay

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The good news is the terrorist plot to blow up more airplanes was uncovered before execution, the bad news is air travel just got a little stickier. For instance, if you're one of those "I don't check my bags" people, you will also be one of those "I… more »

Azinger folds US Bank Championship for World Series of Poker

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Paul Azinger has won over $14 million on the PGA Tour, not including sponsorships or overseas winnings. So if it takes 20-plus years to make a measly $14 mil, can you blame him for skipping the U.S. Bank Championship for taking a shot at $9 million i… more »

Should Michelle Wie have won U.S. Amateur before going pro, like Tiger did thrice?

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The U.S. Women's Amateur kicks off this week at Pumpkin Ridge in Oregon - a perfect venue for Michelle Wie to end her winless ways and beat some of the finest young women in golf. Sadly she went pro before ever winning it and is now ineligible to eve… more »

Forest Dunes in Michigan markets itself as "Pine Valley meets Augusta"

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I love golf marketing. I mean, how much different are courses to one another, really? Why not just say your new course has "18 flags with cups, some dirt moved around, water, hot dogs at the turn"? To put your new course in the same breath as two of… more »

Castro hands over power and oil is found, is Cuba the golf destination far behind?

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Travel and real estate investors just can't wait until Fidel Castro kicks the bucket. As the 80 year-old Cuban leader enters surgery this week and hands over his power to his brother (not in tip-top shape himself), that day could be coming soon, and ther… more »