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Won't find me on the golf course this Memorial Day

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A long time ago I gave up on playing golf on holidays. There's too many golfers on the course, most of which haven't played since last Memorial day. Rounds end up taking six hours and I can never use the little coupons I cut out of the Sunday paper.… more »

Many Michigan country clubs are struggling, aww shucks!

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The mass-exodus out of Michigan thanks to the auto industry means the hundreds of private clubs are scrambling to fill memberships, leaving members worried about the future of their exclusive playgrounds. To quote Cuba Gooding in Jerry Maguire: "Well… more »

Palm Springs golf the best? What about Northern Michigan?

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Damn Chris, you're a fellow Michigan man, right? You've been spending too much time at Bob Evans in the desert without your visor and 'sun'brella. I'm in northern Michigan again and I've reaffirmed that THIS is where its at, especially in May. Fine s… more »

Pistons Game 6 win means I'm not trashing my Traverse City hotel room

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I made up my mind that I'd blog tonight--- sometime during my morning drive up to Traverse City, MI for my first summer golf trip of 2006. I also decided the topic would be largely based on the solid summer vacation destination of Traverse City, and… more »