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Comment from: Claude Gunter [Visitor]
I agree with you. However, new wave psychology would say we do care. Not that we want to feed the hungry. Remember, their hunger has nothing to do with our behavior. For years, I enjoyed beating my golfing buddies with something "out of the barrel at K-Mart". Out driving them with a $20 driver from Sam's club, while they busted a gut with a $500 Ping. Now I play expensive clubs too, but my current putter is a $25 ping knock-off. Read Troon McAlistar's latest book for good incite into golf ball psychology. I loved it.
05/26/05 @ 23:01
Comment from: Ronald S. Montesano [Visitor]
Watch the shewd club pro have a demo day on the club range. Watch her/him hit all the newest clubs and comment on their playability to all within range. Watch the members swallow the worm (not tequila) and hit a few balls. Watch the members charge the clubs to their account. Watch the smiling pro head to the next regional event with her/his well-worn, old faithful irons in the bag.

Funny thing is, I can't agree with you on the putter thing. You need a good wand, not some heavy piece of slag on a stick (sounds like a corn dog.)
05/28/05 @ 17:40
Comment from: Claude Gunter [Visitor]
Something hit the lure, I'm reeling them in... Seriously, do you keep track of your puts per round? What is your puts per round? Do they change dramatically when you change from an expensive wand to a cheapo? Try it(for at least 10 rounds)and report back. For myself, I average 30.3 puts per round and that does not drop significantly with an expensive putter. I'm not against expensive putters. They may intimidate your opponent for a few holes, but if you don't perform, then the advantage will be lost. By the way, if spending money would help me to consistently beat my brother, just show me where to pay.
05/28/05 @ 20:38
Comment from: liquid diet [Visitor]
Thumbs up for energy invested in making all of this.
12/28/10 @ 08:19

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