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compulsive club-buying is our gain

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I think everyone who can afford to blow the kind of money you can feed 500 african refugees for a year on some sweet sticks should do so. It doesn't bug me when I see a hack roll up to the tee with some new Taylor Made woods, Ping Irons and Scotty Ca… more »

Questions for Pacer's Jeff Foster and TG's Baldwin

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Chris, I'd like to know why you golf in the first place? In the past few weeks, you've revealed you'd rather go under the knife than under the microscope with a pro. And now you say you'd rather find your shanked 7-iron in the middle of the fairway… more »

hole in 1!

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I feel bad about it, but not enough to pay the bar tab. . .Jennifer's blind shot eagle reminds me of a little prank me and some buddies pulled a few years back. There's a hole at our home course that is 250-yard par 4 dogleg left. If you hook you… more »