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A tribute to your club pro

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Golf pros aren't scam artists. I would define a scam artist as someone who is trying to profit through manipulation. . .i.e. Bank of America, who send me five times more offers for "free" life insurance, "free" credit cards and "free" magazine offers t… more »

Course conditions and discounts

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With all this talk about course conditions and getting taken for a ride, why don't courses offer discounts when they stuff a bunch of holes in their greens, making putting virtually impossible? I played a round today where it looked like my ball was po… more »

No Ma'am! A tradition unlike any other

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"A tradition unlike any other." This isn't just the family motto whenever Uncle Gerry hogs the water closet after his Friday night Chilicheesechimichungas. It's also a phrase Jim Nantz has been brainwashed with and has declared in a gazillion CBS promos… more »

Not sure about Kiel and Chris. . .but Spartan's Izzo right on the money

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Disclaimer: I told myself I'd never get involved in a quarrel between two former MSU students. . .Don't even know if they'll have time to read this between couch burnings and tear-gassings after Saturday night. That said, I thought I'd chime in on payi… more »