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First round of the year -- always ugly

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Had my first round of 2005 this past weekend. As a native of Michigan, playing in 70-degree Florida weather in mid-Feb was a blessing. But the first round is always ugly. The short game always goes first, too. By the back nine, all my chips were with m… more »

I pronounce this baby EVIL!

Fed up with my insistance to make light of anything my high school Latin instructor tried to teach me, whether it be passive periphrastics or "cum clauses" with a genitive deponent, he said to me: "You know in Sparta, once a child was found to be left-h… more »

A blog on the Superbowl??? BRILLIANT!!

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Super Bowl notes. . . Best commercial: The three ads with the monkeys. Hits close to home with my job. . .I get those same looks of bewilderment the monkeys get whenever I pitch a story idea. Worst Commercial: At first I want to say… more »