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Comment from: Paul Stone [Visitor]
I agree wholeheartedly. I'm lucky enough to not care about hauling my cellphone everywhere, certainly not onto a golf course.
These places need to start a mandatory ban on cellphone use on the course.
2004-11-10 @ 10:21
Comment from: Golf Woman [Visitor]
Thank you, thank you. You can't say this enough. Turn the cell phone off! I was playing one day with a man whose phone started ringing as I was teeing off. He answered it and when he was done, I asked him was he a doctor on call? He said no. I asked if he was lawyer with a client on death row awaiting a call from the governor for a stay? He said no. I then told him to turn the f****g phone off. He left.

Why must everyone feel the need to be reachable at every minute of the day? The golf course is the last bastion of peace and quiet and enjoyment. I refuse to let anyone ruin my game just because they feel the need of importance. If anyone cannot go for 2-4 hours without the need to "check in", please stay home.

Golf Woman
2004-11-10 @ 15:40
Comment from: SamT [Visitor]
My sentiments PRECISELY. I firmly believe that some recreational, relaxation, and vacation venues (such as golf) should not be a venue to continue to discuss business,and irritate everyone else in a 50 yard radius.

A good friend of mine is guilty of placing constant calls on his cell phone while golfing, and I rarely play golf with him anymore for that reason. I play largely for the peace and quiet, and the relaxation of a good golf round. Listening to ringer tones, and the loud ridiculous conversation that ensues is very irritating in golf and other venues, and is inherently dangerous in other venues (such as driving).

Why most people cannot seem to separate from their phones is beyond me. I believe a majority of frequent cell phone users cannot seem to discriminate the differences between true emergencies vs. informational and other calls. They cannot place themselves in a peaceful venue, without the requirement for a cell phone, and allow others to peacefully exist on the golf courses, beaches, restaurants, and other relaxing places.
2004-11-11 @ 14:04
Comment from: Paul Fisher [Visitor]
I agree also. Cell phones are a menace in all public places. I am a smoker and they are banning that and so whu not cell phones. Not only on the golf course but in public places.

Paul Fisher
2004-11-13 @ 09:01
Comment from: Tee'd Off [Visitor]
Is the problem ultimately cell phones? Or with the American definition of "productivity," which demands that workers be on the job -- accessible -- 24/7? Who out there DARES to turn off your cell phones on a weekday afternoon?
2004-11-18 @ 23:40
Comment from: Enriqueta Maes [Visitor]
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