Some blogging men have their say on an array of golf subjects

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Ah men, can't live with them, can't marry more than one. I thought today would be a good day to see what three of my favorite refined gentlemen bloggers were up to. Now I just wonder what they'd all look like with beards. The debonair Geoff Shacklefo… more »

Marc Solomon, PGA Punter take by storm!

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Plenty of goings on around these parts, as some fresh faces and new developments have the blogs agog. First off, PGA Instructor Marc Solomon, of Golf Made Simple fame -- one of the top golf schools in the nation, has joined the list of b… more »

Bloggers get technical, rate golf courses and polish your balls

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With the PGA Championship coming, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at what some of the golf blogging intellectuals are thinking. And then we just took a look at what some punk was writing about. Geoff Shackleford laments the lack of s… more »

Bloggers are Hooked on Paula Creamer's Bogey Lounge, while a Golf Chick refuses to back out

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Golf bloggers are looking out for each other and on the mend: Let's hear it for the Hooked on Golf Blog, who is applauding the blog over at Bogey Lounge, who is happy to see Todd bring Paula Creamer's unofficial site back, while Todd would like nothin… more »

Looking at the summer heat and Korean television has bloggers overheating

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August is here and the golf blogging couldn't be hotter! The summer heat is at its zenith, so take a look atBetter Golf with Fitness to find ways to keep yourself from melting on the golf course. The Grouchy Golfer has some things to say about Mich… more »

Golf bloggers keeping busy even when Heather isn't

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Ah my darling golf bloggers, I feel such a fool. You see, when Ngang Autombo e-mailed me about the recent death of his uncle, the noted warlord Col. Gumbo Autumbo, and asked for my help in freeing up $16 million (US) held in a secret vault, I jumped a… more »

Blogger finds it easy to perform better golf with son at his side

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Mike at Perform Better Golf has an extremely touching blog about the joys of golfing with his 10-year-old son. It appears a new golf nut has been born in young Trent, and he and his father are having a fantastic time with their weekly rounds. Mike al… more »

Clive Agran gives a voice from the other side of the pond

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There are some new arrivals to the golf blogging world, as well as some grouchy old-timers who still have something to say (and scores to improve). Clive Agran is a Brit after my own heart, and his blog at gives a great perspective from… more »

Bloggers check out Tiger's gear and why Michael Campbell can't win this year's U.S. Open

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It's always nice when bloggers get involved in fashion. The Bogey Lounge is fond of Tiger's gear for the U.S. Open and loves writing about the important things in golf. Can Michael Campbell defend his U.S. Open crown? The Golf Blogger tells us why h… more »

Texan amateur heads to Women's U.S. Open and has them blogging in Texas

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Texas Golf reports that amateur golfer, Taylor Leon, won the U.S. Women's Open sectional qualifier at TPC at Craig Ranch. Her 141 earns her a spot on the U.S. Women's Open. Nice to see some Texan talent coming through. Meanwhile in Wales, Golf Punk te… more »

Bloggers give great golfing gift ideas for Fathers Day

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If you are lacking in the idea department of what to buy good old Dad on Father's Day, take a look at these bloggers, they seem to know what golfing gear they want. The Traveling Golfer says that using his Line-Em-Up Pro does wonders for his putting.… more »

Bloggers are talking all things Winged Foot as U.S. Open week arrives

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The media has made a big deal out of the rivalry of Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, but the Golf Blogger thinks there is nothing to it. If both play well this year it would make one dandy pairing. Had anyone written off Vijay Singh? After his win at t… more »

Expensive putters, country clubs and cheap golf equipment has bloggers grumbling

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We all know what it's like when we damage some golf gear. I have snapped several clubs trying to play the unplayable ball next to a tree. The Golf Nomad tells us of a recent near "heart attack" when his young son got access to his favorite putter. Bli… more »

The Memorial has bloggers talking

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Right now, everyone is talking Memorial Robert at the Bogey Lounge gives us his Memorial weekend marathon stats. Geoff Shakleford reminds us of some interesting comments from big-name golfers. The Golf Blog reckons Jack Nicklaus has gone too far… more »

Golf ball heist hits paydirt, golfing gadgets, what's with spectators in fancy dress?

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The Golf Blogger reports on some codgers who have nicked 3000 range balls in Missouri. If you meet a guy in a pub wearing an overly bulging overcoat who whispers "pssst, wanna buy a golf ball?" Please, call the authorities. Nothing drives me more pott… more »