Happy birthdays and great plays from golf's busiest scribes

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Lots of happy days so far from golf bloggers in 2007. Let's join Tony at Hooked on Golf Blog in wishing his father a happy 70th birthday! At the Principal's Nose, there's also some celebrating, as the Principal heads off for a round at the Old Cour… more »

Luke Swilor's golf game heating up as the season gets hot

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Some happenings from the golf-blogosphere: At Luke Swilor's Road to the Tour, Luke is letting us know about how his weekend went at the Coral Canyon Open. He finished fourth or fifth, and is ready for the season to catch fire, by the way. Golf Chic… more »

The PGA Punter is back making picks; Golf Channel needs better numbers

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Anthony is back! The PGA Punter is ready for a full year at WorldGolf.com, letting golf bettors know where to lay. The Punter's preview of the Mercedes Benz showed he's on his game early, as his picks of Vijay Singh and K.J. Choi were in the mix after th… more »

Silly season for golfers means a sillier season for golf bloggers

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With the season silly, there are plenty of golf bloggers willing to play along. Geoff Shackleford is wondering how a playoff with 144 players will change a player's approach to the season? Chris Baldwin says that golfers can handle the hard-partyin… more »

Tiger's new baby? Bush for Commish? Golf Bloggers bring in 2007 in style

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The Holidays have come and gone, but golf bloggers keep moving along. The Hooked on Golf Blog is going where other golf blogs fears to tread, and holding a "Name Tiger Woods' Baby" contest. At the Sports Law Blog, Howard Wasserman is wondering if… more »

A new address at WorldGolf.com a great place to watch golf bloggers, babes and even Geoff Shackleford

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Ah, the fresh air of WorldGolf.com, so much nicer here from the foul stench of one Cheap Bastard. That flame-haired miscreant has "bumped" into me far too often. Alas, lawyers must be involved. But being here is so much better, with my new office and… more »

Golf bloggers, get those links ready - 2007 promises more of the best

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We've been cleaning house here at Blogger Leaderboard, preparing for a possible move to be seen around the World of golf. Now's the time for golf bloggers to get themselves added here at TravelGolf.com's blog page, as well as WorldGolf.com's blog page… more »

An Armchair Golfer gets some advice from Luke Swilor, while Texas is getting some more golf

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Golf bloggers are giving us all some advice on what clubs to use, and where to use them. The Armchair Golfer gets some sound golf equipment advice from our favorite golfing blogger, Luke Swilor. "It depends on how much you want to spend. The name b… more »

Not all golf bloggers are slowing down for the holidays!

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As we head toward Christmas and New Years, a lot of golf bloggers are taking a break, so lets hear it for those that keep blogging away. Over at Bogey Lounge, Bogeyman is talking about Callaway's square FT-i driver, due out Feb. 15. I wonder if he'll… more »

A Blog contest champion and other happenings for TravelGolf.com and WorldGolf.com bloggers

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Sometimes a girl doesn't even need to leave home to find all the blogger news her little heart could hope for. That's what the case is right now, as looking around at the TravelGolf.com and WorldGolf.com bloggers, I see lots happening. First of all, I… more »

Luke Swilor takes his best shot but comes up a shot short in PGA qualifying

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Our blogging-golfing friend Luke Swilor showed how far he's come this week, but sadly, it wasn't quite far enough. Luke missed the cut by just one shot at the 2006 PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament in Dayton, Nevada after closing out with a strong 69. He… more »

As season winds down, golf bloggers are hitting straight down the middle

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As October winds down and the leaves are changing, it seemed like a great time to look at a couple old favorites, as well as a couple bloggers new to our radar. The Golfchick has been posting up a storm, including finding someone who was searching to… more »

Europe's Ryder Cup victory has golf bloggers teaming up against U.S. team

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Golf bloggers had plenty of opinions on Europe's dominant victory in the 2006 Ryder Cup. The Grouchy Golfer is lamenting the lack of young U.S. talent after the European team shellacked them in Ireland. "Sure, there's Tiger, Phil and Furyk. But aft… more »

Bloggers tell stories of losses on and off the golf course

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Just thought I'd take a look at three good golf bloggers who always have something interesting to tell us all. Jim Apfelbaum at Golf Digress learned the hard way that being a gentleman doesn't always trump knowing the rules, as he conceded a hole he s… more »

The girls have their say with blogs on Tiger, golf magazines and Bridgestone

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With Michelle Wie taking on the men in Europe, I felt empowered and figured I'd take a look at what some of my favorite female bloggers have been writing about. Golf Chick has advanced a controversial theory that explains Tiger Woods' success: That he… more »