On the course of Pinehurst No. 2

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What the media has to say about Pinehurst No. 2 ........... Reid Spencer of Sporting News takes a more favorable view of the $375 price tag for playing Pinehurst No. 2 saying, “from the perspective of a fantasy experience -- the opportunity to tee o… more »

US Open’s Pinehurst No. 2 in the news

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Randall Mell of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, reported on Tuesday that the setup at Pinehurst No. 2 is already difficult with penal rough and turtleback greens that are potentially more severe than Shinnecock's. USGA Executive Director David Fay is quo… more »

Golf Blogger Boredom - when there’s nothing to say and you’re saying it anyway …

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SortaGolf reveals seven things the USGA would not want you to know, even though most golfers already know them. Jam Boy explores the joys and horrors of being sleep deprived … among other things. By the time you get to the end of this blog you def… more »

Natalie Gulbis, golf pro cum swimsuit model, most admired for her personality

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Mulligan of The Golf Blog has fond memories of a highly successful interview with golf pro, swimsuit model and reality show personality, Natalie Gulbis. We’re told, “She is incredibly generous with her time, and cares a lot about her supporters.” U… more »

GolfCarolina.com readers say Pinehurst No. 2 doesn't meet expectations

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Many golf purists and The Pinehurst Resort Management Company would have you believe that Pinehurst No. 2 is the Holy Grail of golf in the United States. However, more than half of GolfCarolina.com readers who have responded are saying that Pinehurst No.… more »

The comp craze, Callaway's Hawkeye VFT & Champions Tour reflections

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With a blog that's generally focused around golf equipment, SirShanksAlot's latest post ponders the 'comp' craze. Click here for more. With a similar focus, the Golf Blogger features Callaway's Hawkeye VFT … in a none too favorable light. MJonGo… more »

European PGA, Asian PGA, Australasian PGA, and Southern Africa PGA winners go head to head

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World Golf Views is excited about the European Tour "bringing together all the tournament winners from the European PGA, Asian PGA, Australasian PGA, and Southern Africa PGA, the top 50 in the world, and a select handful of others." Read more of his thou… more »

Sorenstam wins the LPGA three times in a row, plus U.S. Open coverage

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MediaGuru believes history is in the making on the LPGA Tour, with Annika Sorenstam winning the LPGA Championship. Grouchy Golf touts the U.S. Open as his favorite tourney after the Masters. Read it here. Mulligan on The Golf Blog is also on the U.… more »

Leaderboard premieres!

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In true form, mimicking the fashion of some golf courses to stage openings long after the course has opened, Blogger Leaderboard has emerged without the pomp and circumstance of a red carpet, fake smiles and sashaying hips. Instead, we, of the powers… more »