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Some blogging men have their say on an array of golf subjects

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Ah men, can't live with them, can't marry more than one. I thought today would be a good day to see what three of my favorite refined gentlemen bloggers were up to. Now I just wonder what they'd all look like with beards. The debonair Geoff Shacklefo… more »

Marc Solomon, PGA Punter take by storm!

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Plenty of goings on around these parts, as some fresh faces and new developments have the blogs agog. First off, PGA Instructor Marc Solomon, of Golf Made Simple fame -- one of the top golf schools in the nation, has joined the list of b… more »

Bloggers get technical, rate golf courses and polish your balls

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With the PGA Championship coming, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at what some of the golf blogging intellectuals are thinking. And then we just took a look at what some punk was writing about. Geoff Shackleford laments the lack of s… more »

Bloggers are Hooked on Paula Creamer's Bogey Lounge, while a Golf Chick refuses to back out

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Golf bloggers are looking out for each other and on the mend: Let's hear it for the Hooked on Golf Blog, who is applauding the blog over at Bogey Lounge, who is happy to see Todd bring Paula Creamer's unofficial site back, while Todd would like nothin… more »

Looking at the summer heat and Korean television has bloggers overheating

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August is here and the golf blogging couldn't be hotter! The summer heat is at its zenith, so take a look atBetter Golf with Fitness to find ways to keep yourself from melting on the golf course. The Grouchy Golfer has some things to say about Mich… more »