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Comment from: David Meyers [Member] Email
Tom has some great ideas. Funny, ha ha?
2006-02-10 @ 10:49
Comment from: David [Visitor]
I hate the Big Break, regardless of whether it's the men or the ladies playing.

Just a bunch of big-headed wannabes playing for something they couldn't earn rightfully.

None of the contestants on any of the Big Break series have had anywhere near the amount of talent needed to make it big in the pro game. If they were good enough, they could just go to Q-school or Monday qualifiers and get in, instead of appearing on a ridiculous TV show.

Some of the contestants were a load of crap.

The most annoying contestant yet - this must go to Danielle Amiee. The arrogant, egotistical, talkative blonde bimbo who played in two LPGA Tour tournaments (after winning Big Break III), missed both cuts by a mile and pissed off back to the real world.

Hell, she's won a couple hundred dollars on the Futures Tour - what makes her think she could make it on the LPGA Tour?
2006-02-10 @ 15:06
Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Visitor]
It's interesting reality television. If you're into that, then you probably also like Natalie Gulbis' show and the Daly Planet.

BBV:Hawaii isn't on TV to find the best female golfers in the world. It is meant for entertainment purposes only.

The ladies make the Big Break much more interesting than their male counterparts. Last season's BBIV was a snoozer!
2006-02-12 @ 12:48

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