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Golf Blogger Survivors get their final word in: Now who's the winner?

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To answer that age-old question "Wow, are they still doing that??" welcome to the second-to-the-last "blog-isode" of Golf Blogger Survivor! When we last left our Survivors, there were just six of them left, and they were stranded with one final word t… more »

Golf bloggers come together to get Luke Swilor on tour

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After seeing Luke Swilor's game in person, the Media Guru and other golf bloggers are trying to get some interest in getting Luke the $6,000 he needs to get on the U.S. Pro Golf Tour. Anyone ready to help sponsor Luke, an up-and-coming pro? Speak… more »

The final word to decide the ultimate Golf Blogger Survivor

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Well, Golf Blogger Survivors, it's your final week. Some have been kicked off, some have wandered off, and some others (Ron Mon) bitterly despise us. Some even have played without joining (at least that's what InstaMarv said about David Feherty). In the… more »

Golf Bloggers get together for a round while Winter Olympics get in the way

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When golf bloggers get together, what happens? Well, in the case of Luke Swilor and MediaGuru, you get six birdies and three eagles! Seems the two got together for a round of golf, and while the professional Luke ended up winning, the Guru gave as wel… more »

Golf Blogger Survivor grinds to the end as more fall to the wayside

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Week 3 of Golf Blogger Survivor is in the books, and now it's up to reader's and bloggers to figure out our top-5! The ranks are getting smaller. Last week, Ron Mon and Mark Nessmith were hurled from our competition for being, well, themselves. This w… more »

Golf bloggers focusing on the Big Break girls, Craigslist

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While Golf Blogger Survivors work to digest a word that's a mouthful, what are other bloggers going on about? Mulligan Stu is one of the bloggers thinking about Big Break V, and getting a laugh from how hard the show worked to show that all the girls… more »

Golf Blogger Survivor Round 2: Spreading the love

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Hey everyone, welcome to Golf Blogger Survivor Round 2, dedicated to speading the love! For the readers who didn't catch on to week No. 2's Secret Word, it is (drum roll) ... Speculum! It's a medical device that ... oh, look it up. So, the Week No… more »

Prolific golf bloggers head to PGA show, chastise CBS

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While I'm off playing games, other golf bloggers are getting ignored. And let me just start with this -- many of you that we feature at Worldwide Golf Blogs have been updating your blogs like crazy. Great work, everyone! Bogey Man is one of a number o… more »