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More proof that blogging about golf works: Golf Chick's 17-stroke improvement

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Golf bloggers are ending the year on a high note, and things should just keep on getting better. First things first: Who else can match Golf Chick's improvement on the links this year? My guess is, not many of you can. Seems the Chick has seen her… more »

A young golfer has his say, while golf bloggers can't resist verse

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We're pleased to include Luke Swilor at our Worldwide Golf Blogs listings. Luke is sharing his experiences as a young golfer trying to make it to the PGA Tour. In his most recent blog, you can just feel his excitement for the 2006 season. Keep us pos… more »

Hair, science and unionization dominate golf bloggers' silly season

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For golf bloggers, silly season seems to be getting even sillier. Miranda at Even Par Round is blogging about the bet between Sergio Garcia, Tim Clark and Adam Scott on who can grow their hair the longest. Should be interesting. I can pretty much guar… more »

Folk songs, terrorist warnings have golf bloggers humming

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From folk songs, to terrorist warnings, golf bloggers are going the extra mile. The Armchair Golfer has seen his new streak of golf-less days hit 50, so he celebrated with folk song about John Daly, based on "John Henry, the Steel-Driving Man." Joh… more »

Is the world's longest golf hole in Michigan another WWII victory?

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Golfing Michiganer had a nice find when he saw that Joe Gibbs, owner of Chocolay Down Golf Course in Marquette, Mich., is setting to build the world's largest golf hole – a par 6 that will measure 1,007 yards, plus have room to grow should anyone chall… more »

A wounded duck tries out some clubs while a Golf Chick avoids water

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It feels like a delicious day to take a look at some new golf blogs, as well as revisit favorites. First of all, Wounded Duck kind of frightens me. But I sort of like that. His interests: panic attacks, cold sweats, public humiliation, and coming to t… more »