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Golf bloggers making and buying their own golf news

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Unimpressed by recent golf news, it appears, golf bloggers are hitting the links themselves lately. First of all, a hallowed streak has ended. The Armchair Golfer finally got out of the chair and on to the course after 169 days. And then he shot an 86… more »

Not much fun at Funai, while kids run amok in golf carts in Fla.

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Ah, a refreshing week full of things other than Michelle Wie. And no, Mr. Wolfrum, I will not be calling her Mi-Wie. Erik J. Barzeski is analyzing Lucas Glovers' first career victory on the PGA Tour after he won the Funai Classic. Without Tiger Woods… more »

Golf bloggers take a good drop on Michelle Wie's DQ

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In keeping with the new mandatory rule that it can't be a golf blog unless Michelle Wie's name is mentioned at least twice, the Golf Blogger is wondering aloud whether the fix was in with Wie's disqualification this weekend. Check behind the grassy knoll… more »

Golf bloggers break in new clubs, break records and blog about blogging

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The golf bloggers of the world, apparently stunned by John Daly's unsettling missed putt, have taken to the course themselves recently. First, I feel it's time to throw down the gauntlet to Golfchick. While we want to congratulate her new low score of… more »

Lucas still swinging for Katrina while the King demands more golf

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Lets start the week off with an update on our old friend Lucas, the young golfing prodigy who is using his stylish swing to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. PantherGirl lets us know he's now raised more than $1,300 thus far, and after a… more »

From around the globe, golf bloggers find what's good

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In keeping with the new USGA rule change that all golf bloggers need to mention Korea at least once, Stacy Solomon tells us how Hee-Won Han fought off the weather to win the Office Depot Championship. The Armchair Golfer makes his way to this blog wit… more »