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Next on Big Break IV: Golf blogger vs. golf blogger

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Ahh, once again, a golf blogger has shaken my faith in, well, a golf blogger. This time it's Bogey McDuff who tears apart Jennifer Mario's analysis, calling Big Break IV a "Big Yawn." Now, who's a girl to believe? AllCarry has a nice little bit on… more »

Golf bloggers question Mickelson's sincerity, learn why not to steal balls

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Ah, when nobody is hunkered over an important putt, the golf bloggers start getting catty. Of course, I'd never call Grouchy catty, but he has a few stinging zings for Phil Mickelson (do you think he's fake?), some respect for Tiger Woods for being a… more »

DiMarco's putt falls and golf bloggers start their engines

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If you were watching the end of the President's Cup and listened very closely moments after Chris DiMarco's clutch putt to win it, you could actually hear golf bloggers around the world typing madly. First, Mulligan does some Monday morning quarterbac… more »

A golf blogger challenge: Could Gary Player whup Jack Nicklaus?

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The President's Cup continues to have bloggers in a boil, though I like InstaMarv's take on it the best: "My hope for the event? Not camaraderie and good will, no - that's too easy. I want to see Nicklaus and Player getting into a dust-up on the 18t… more »

Presidents Cup, career-best scores have golf bloggers buzzing

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The Presidents cup is all the rage for golf bloggers these days. Mulligan wonders who Tiger Woods will be paired with, while Erik J. Barzeski gives a full preview of the event. Of course, the reckless Brent Kelley changes gears and looks back at the 2… more »

Who wears short shorts? Who else but Natalie Gulbis

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For anyone who thinks that golf bloggers have little to write about with the season winding down, Mulligan gives the lowdown on the Kraft Nabisco Shootout. No word if the winners get all the cheese and crackers they'd like, but Mulligan did find a worthy… more »

College kids the best in Canada, while Gore enjoys being golf's newest hero

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It appears William K. Wolfrum's apparent mindless rants against Canada may have some truth to them, at least if you ask Robert Thompson. Thompson proclaims James Lepp and J.C. Deacon as having the best performances this year by Canadian golfers. When the… more »

Toms and Mallon's heart issues have golf bloggers concerned

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At the Sand Trap and the Golf Blog they are talking of David Toms and Meg Mallon having to be rushed to the hospital with advance heart rates. Mallon's was 290 when she went in. Luckily, it appears both are recovering well. Bogey McDuff is talking ab… more »

Players want a challenge while golf's silly season gets even sillier

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Geoff Shackleford has a nice breakdown of a Golf Channel show about where golf will be in 2025. It appears course managers want to add more distance, while players like Mark O'Meara just think many courses need to be made more difficult for the pros.… more »

Reality TV and Homer Simpson keep golf bloggers inspired

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With little of any real importance going on, golf bloggers are doing their best to make the miniscule seem massive. First of all, that notorious ladies man Brent Kelley gives us a run down of the golf channel's Big Break IV. This time they set it up t… more »

Solheim Cup hangover has golf bloggers looking for their keys

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Apparently a Solheim Cup hangover has hit the golf bloggers of the world today, leaving poor little me to dwell on the fact that Robert Thompson is working on an autobiography of Ron Joyce. I know this because he now mentions it in every post he makes.… more »

Golf Bloggers have something to say about Solheim Cup

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All anybody seems to want to talk about is the United States' dramatic Solheim Cup victory, which is fine by me. The Sand Trap: "With the excitement of the Solheim Cup lingering in the minds of its fans it is now up to incoming LPGA commissioner Biven… more »

No tickle fights at the Solheim Cup, but maybe some at the Newport Cup

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BogeyMan is talking about how the U.S. girls are bonding in preparation for the Solheim Cup. And sorry fellows, I checked with Jennifer Mario on this and "bonding" does not actually imply slumber parties and tickle fights. Sensing the B.C. Canadian Op… more »

Golf bloggers check with the Supreme Court and learn slicing is curable

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They're "beefing up their coverage of Supreme Court golf" at the Golf Blog, which really means they are setting the standard. Mulligan continues this hard-hitting expose by letting us know Sandra Day O'Conner's handicap is 12.8 while Justice John Paul St… more »

Politicos may be a club short, while youngster golfs for charity

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PantherGirl at The Dog's Breakfast wrote in to tell me about her son using his talents to make donations for Hurricane Katrina victims. "Lucas set up a fundraising station for the Katrina victims, and offered to hit a 100-yard or better drive for ever… more »
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