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A dead goose and Donald Trump have them talking golf in Canada

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A lot of golf news regarding Canada from golf bloggers, it seems. I have decided to pay attention, because with the NHL returning, we may not see anything golf-related from up there for a while. First off, Triniman talks about his trip to La Verendrye… more »

U.S. Congress and Bill Murray agree: Golf Bloggers deserving of special attention

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Ah, my dear golf bloggers, it was only a matter of time before the governments of the world took notice. At the Golf Blog, Mulligan tells about how the U.S. Library of Congress wants to collect their blogs. "The United States Library of Congress has s… more »

Golf bloggers have LPGA on the brain, but will Michelle Wie and Paula Creamer welcome a man?

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It appears the golf-blogging community has forgotten that Canada is the 51st state (that's what they teach us in the UK) and have ignored the men to talk about women. At The Sandtrap, Stacie Solomon tells us how Christie Kerr held off Annika Sorensta… more »

Golf bloggers wonder when Michelle Wie will turn pro. Plus: Lotto-mania

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Bogeyman burst back on the scene after a week off, commenting on Mizuno's new MP-60 irons, Vijay Singh's "deferring" induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame and the current odds of when Michelle Wie will turn pro. Bogey McDuff gives an update of Sa… more »

Golfing the entire U.S., sand traps and overestimating the LPGA

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With so many golf blogs either unattended or turned into clogs, it is a 24-hour job to find some gems out there. But I do it all for you, my darling readers. For practicality, Frank at the Online Golf Clinic offers some good advice on playing from dif… more »

Michelle Wie, other divas and golf club choice at Baltusrol dominate bloggers' thoughts

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Over at The Sandtrap, the lovely and talented Erik J. Barzeski gives us the lowdown of who used what equipment (in mind-numbing detail) at the PGA Championship. The Golf Blog has a little tidbit about Michelle Wie's trouble with caddies – including… more »

Rainy days and Jack Nicklaus' new money have golf bloggers feeling quite moist

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Robert Thompson got caught in the rain, along with the rest of Toronto. He tells you how it affected some courses (the Donalda Club will likely have to be closed for a couple weeks) and how the overall outlook at courses up there is looking a bit grim.… more »

Golf bloggers working overtime while Willie Nelson tries to get Kinky

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If you ever wanted some insight into a hellish day for a caddie, take a look at Jam Boy's description of his day yesterday on the links. Little ol' Jammy carried clubs for two walkers and forecaddied for two riders – simultaneously. "You're probably… more »

New technology and old golf balls have bloggers scrambling for par

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While most of my bloggers are talking equipment, Cody Thrasher keeps moving forward, giving an in-depth preview of the WGC-NEC Invitational which begins today. At From Heel to Hosel they are talking about an article in USA Today discussing new technol… more »

Mickelson's PGA victory and a range ball heist have golf bloggers talking

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So now it seems my daft little bloggers are finally chiming in on the PGA Championship: Bogeyman talks about what gear Phil Mickelson used to win the PGA Championship, while Cody Thrasher reflected on how Mickelson nearly gave it all away, while prais… more »

Musing on Phil Mickelson and the demise of Old Orchard Golf Club near Houston

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So I wake up this lovely morning, have a spot of tea and take a look at what the golf blogging world is saying about Phil Mickelson. The answer: Not much. Poor Lefty - he gets so little respect for such a charming man. Jeff Smith over at The Sandtrap… more »

Golf bloggers hack away at the PGA Championship at Baltusrol - but why?

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Oh, it’s wonderful to be back covering blogging. I spent the last six weeks on a Bob Geldof-sponsored mission to the Congo Basin in Africa, teaching the indigenous people the skills they need to become successful golf bloggers. They dawdled some, but t… more »