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Comment from: Eric Buettner [Visitor]
Your readers are correct. There is nothing really special about #2. Sure it does have the history, but it is at best the 3rd best course at Pinehurst. Numbers 4 & 8 are much better than #2. It just doesn't have that WOW factor. There is really no signature hole and all in all it is very bland course. For what they rake you for in greens fees I would rather play either Kapalua Plantation or Troon North Monument. Both of these courses are much, much better than #2!!
06/16/05 @ 15:33
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Troon North Pinnacle and Monument are excellent and can both be played for $75 in summer.

Welcome aboard Heather. Break a leg!
06/16/05 @ 17:00
Comment from: JDoe [Visitor]
you're right
06/17/05 @ 10:32
Comment from: Ron CClair [Visitor]
To Eric Buettner - what's the "wow factor"? Do you want to play a great golf course or go sightseeing? I've played many great courses here and overseas and Number 2 is just majestic! I grant you there are not many great "views" on it and it can be perceived as "bland" from that perspective, but if I had one more round to play in this country I'd want it to on No. 2.
06/20/05 @ 16:58
Comment from: J [Visitor] Email
My wife and I played Pinehurst No 2 a year ago Labor Day weekend. Based on all the hype this course receives, it was a great letdown. No 8 was much more interesting to play.
Yes, the greens are undulating and a caddy did help in reading them but the course itself was not memorable.
Essentially, tree lined fairways in just so-so condition. The bunkers were so rock hard that an open club face was rewarded with a bladed shot.
Don't expect carpet like fairways or penalizing rough. When the pros play they narrow the fairways and grow the rough to toughen the course, otherwise it is just an average to below average track with a lot of hype.
No power carts are allowed on the fairways so we walked the course. Pace of play suffers when players go back and forth to their carts for clubs and sand bottles to fill the divots they make.
11/29/07 @ 10:39

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