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Comment from: John DeSalvo [Visitor]
The Commercially-Viable Personality Paradox

With endorsements and appearance fees and products on display
The game becomes a sideshow
when business has its way.

The golf course is a showroom
enticing us to buy and see
the clubs and cars professionals
play and drive for free.

Top players groomed to neutral,
Only newbies show some depth
The money's too enticing.
Who wants to stay bereft?

So money morphs a complex being
into a simple guy.
Like a plain gray suit that's 'off the rack'... not even a red tie.

Top players hide what makes them real
when camera lights are on.
There's only room for the unknowns
to say what's going on.

The delicate duality
of image and personality
is very hard to find
in golf these days.

Arnold Palmer keeps it real
and has enormous fan appeal
but who else has both his stature and his ways?

03/14/06 @ 10:39
Comment from: nunya business [Visitor]
You want more personalities, make the game more affordable and affable to those on the wrong side of the tracks. Perhaps then you will get some personalities besides the richies born with a silver spoon who puss out against tiger every weekend. The supposed accessability of golf is a joke when referencing the path it takes to attain PGA Tour status. Good day.
05/17/07 @ 14:52

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