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Comment from: Bob Ladouceur [Visitor]
I wish David Duval nothing but success. It is not easy for a person to fall as far from the public spotlight as he has. He cedrtainly should get to enjoy the return trip.
2006-02-22 @ 09:15
Comment from: jon [Visitor]
I disagree. David Duval's fall has many precedents. Think Jonny Miller, the Mr. Know-it- all. You can always split hair and say that MIller didn't fall from #1, but many top golfers have suddenly found themselves unable to compete at the highest level. More pertinent topic may be AP's biased coverage against Wie and ridiculous hype of Pressel.
2006-02-23 @ 07:53
Comment from: speedy 2003 [Visitor]
There is only one I can think of in recent memory that comes to mind and the is Ian Baker-Finch. He really can't break an egg anymore and has pretty much given up the game. While we are on the subject. Who is the nicest player in the game? I think it is probably Gary Player, also Chi Chi is up there also.Speedy

2006-02-25 @ 15:41
Comment from: Ronald Schnatterly [Visitor]
David Duval has fallen further then
any athlete in the history of sports.
Imagine if Arod starting batting .210
each year or Koby Bryant averaged
8 PPG for a few years in a row. That's what Duvals slump equates to. From The best Golfer in the world,
a guy who shot 59, to a guy who struggles to break 80 and would have trouble starting on a Good NCAA team.
It's really sad and would be an incredible story if he ever won a big tournament again. it would be the best feel good story in the history of golf. Good luck David, I'm pulling for you.
2006-05-09 @ 13:12
Comment from: Ken Gilbert [Visitor]
I think Duval has shown more courage than most golfers who have experienced such an incredible decline in game and skills. Most would have folded tents and disappeared. He's been out there, mising cuts and now it appears he might at least come back to have a permanent home on the tour. Today he's 150 on the money list. All he needs to do is keep plugging until the breaks come. Those double bogies will disappear, then the bogeys and the next thing we'll see is a top 10. I believe in double D and can't wait to see him come back...Ken, Stamford
2006-06-08 @ 18:52
Comment from: Benford Harris [Visitor] Email
I wish someone would tell David Duval that his head comes up on every shot 15 to 20degrees of arc before his clubhead strikes the ball.
2006-09-21 @ 18:01
Comment from: Vernon [Visitor] Email
David's head has always moved early during the forward swing... Even when he was the number one player in the world...
2007-05-22 @ 19:02
Comment from: Mike [Visitor] Email
Just pray for David to find himself again, we as humans can at any time get a little lost.
2009-05-01 @ 12:08
Comment from: jeff [Visitor] Email
I couldn't stand seeing David Duval's name at the top of the leaderboard week after week back in the day, but I looked week after week for his name when it disappeared to. I just couldn't believe it this week, David Duval in striking range, U.S. Open, June of 2009. I'm really glad to see you've come back to where you truly belong David. Good Luck, and god be with you!
2009-06-22 @ 04:39

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