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Comment from: RonMon [Visitor]
Bangok Al, King of Boredom, Pathetic Shephard Following Pathetic Sheep, YOU ARE WRONG!

The International is different, like the Match Play event is different, as the pro-am events are different. How many GGO or GHO or BCO or same events do you want? That's one reason why golfers and non-golfers hate televised golf--the sameness.
2006-02-01 @ 08:46
Comment from: Dan Bynum [Visitor]
Al, do you actually PLAY golf? Most players don't play stroke play, it's usually match play or some other type of game, including stableford style scoring. The INTERNATIONAL is a very welcomed break in the monotony of PGA TOUR events' slavish adhereance to stroke play. Last year's event was brutalized by weather, and that made the finish of the tournament very late for network television, but it was anything but boring. If you do not have the intellectual ability to understand the strategic intricacies afforded by the stableford scoring system, I suggest you should choose a less intellectually demanding sport than golf to write about. Thank God Jack Vickers has the vision and courage that have made The INTERNATIONAL the great event it is.
2006-02-01 @ 17:27
Comment from: Pam Herrman [Visitor]
I don't find the format boring at all -- as a matter of fact, I enjoy seeing these guys take reckless shots with a low percentage of success because frankly, that's exactly the way I play golf! For me it humanizes the PGA players. With this format they are willing to go for the 20% success rate on a shot that they might not under a stroke play format... if it works, they celebrate (just like me)and if it doesn't they scratch their heads and say "What the hell was I thinking?" (just like me) and then try another reckless move on the next hole (just like me).

2006-02-28 @ 16:37
Comment from: Peter Lauri [Visitor]
I actually want to give a comment on Pam Herrman's comment. Most people actually play golf like he describes. Very few people to actually play the % golf that stroke play is all about. It is more fun to take chances and success once in a while, then just play it safe all time.

There are so many high handicapper who would not enjoy the game of golf if it was not of the thrill to hit that shot over the water (that they 70% of the time cannot carry over), but still they do, because they want some excitement.

I was a pretty descent 2 hcp golfer playing left handed before. I changed to play right-handed now, and it is so fun to try to do the same things as I did before, because the rush after a shot is so much higher now :) If you want to find out more, take a look at http://www.lauri.se and read my blog about how I and turning around 180 degrees.
2006-08-30 @ 10:44

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