Golfer or not, Rush Limbaugh's cowardly show hurts America

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After just two months with I've decided to retire. At my age, I don't need the stress of a full-time job anymore. But before I go, I've got a few parting words for Chris Baldwin about his friend Rush Limbaugh. So, Chris, you like the gu… more »

Would Michelle Wie wear one of these high-fashion $49 golf gloves?

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Two women from Missouri introduced a line of products unlike any other at this year's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Their Sassy Swings hand-beaded women's golf gloves are targeted at the high-end customer who cares about style on the golf course. Each… more »

European Tour's TCL Classic shows the bright side of Hainan Island

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This week's TCL Classic is the most watchable European Tour event since the Johnnie Walker Classic. It's got a better field than the tournaments in recent weeks in Singapore, Jakarta and Malaysia, and the Yalong Bay Golf Club on the Chinese island of Hai… more »

If Coach K can use vile language, why not basketball fans?

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What's this big uproar from Duke University fans who are stumbling over each other to defend Mike Krzyzewski's foul language? Next time you're at a college basketball game, try shouting the same language that Coach K uses and see what happens. Chances a… more »

Wait 'til the Chinese produce their own Tiger Woods

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Everyone knows about the exponential growth of China's economy. One outcome of that growth is the burgeoning popularity of golf. For a little insight into that, check out the website for the Mission Hills Golf Club. Located 90 minutes by car from Hong Ko… more »

PGA tour needs more personalities like Camilo Villegas as a contrast to Tiger Woods

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The writer Dan Jenkins once did an interview with Golf Digest in which he complains about the lack of charisma and excitement on the PGA Tour -- aside from Tiger Woods who he admires tremendously. PGA tournaments, he says, are about "getting sunburne… more »

Aussie Fraser ties for first-round lead of humid Singapore Masters

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Marcus Fraser of Australia holed two chips to tie for the lead in the sultry Singapore Masters on Thursday. Singaporean Mardan Mamat shares the opening-round lead at seven under par 65. I watched the stunningly listless broadcast on Thai satellite T… more »

Tis a shame Europe's top golfers won't support their own tour

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The Singapore Masters begins Thursday with a field of players similar to the lackluster one at last week's Indonesia Open. Many of the top European players have gone missing again, in pursuit of larger purses in the United States. This is an issue th… more »

Is Tiger Woods a celebrity cheapskate? Check

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While researching my Phil Mickelson, generous tipper blog yesterday, I came across a hiliarious Web site I'd like to share with you. It's called and it's full of juicy anecdotes about the behavior and tipping practices of famous pe… more »

Forget that GQ story, big tipper Phil Mickelson is a good guy after all

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I read with interest today's story on Yahoo about Phil Mickelson, the big tipper. The story says that Phil once gave a waiter a $700 tip after a cheap meal. Personally, I would like to know the details: Did the waiter give Phil a sob story about his kid… more »

South Korean prime minister takes heat for golf game

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The No. 2 man in the South Korean government is on the hot seat for a scandal that's escalating by the hour. No, he didn't embezzle money or take bribes. And, no, he didn't get caught with a hostess at a karaoke bar. What Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan did… more »

Jakarta's damp weather, bugs don't bother golfers Thongchai and Dyson at Indonesia Open

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Just like the Malaysian Open last month, the Enjoy Jakarta HSBC Indonesia Open is having thunderstorm problems. That's one of the hazards of Southeast Asia along with bird flu, malaria, ant bites, dengue fever and jock itch. Simon Dyson of England sh… more »

For an exotic golf vacation, consider Vietnam along with Thailand

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If you ever decide to travel to Southeast Asia for a golfing vacation, consider Vietnam. Until recently, golf in communist Vietnam was considered a decadent capitalist pastime. No more. With a reforming economy that's growing nearly as fast as China’s,… more »

Asian golfers favored over Europeans at the Indonesian Open in Jakarta

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Part of the charm of the European Tour is its threadbare, seat-of-the-pants quality which mirrors the harsher realities of life on this continent. Some of these tournaments - like the recent Malaysian Open and this week's Indonesia Open - don’t even fi… more »

Stop televising Arnold Palmer, part 2

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A few readers objected to yesterday's blog in which I said Arnold Palmer ought to stop playing golf on television. One reader called me a loser. A second said he was surprised that hit men hadn't already gunned me down. What we are dealing with here… more »